About Us

The Fed-Track Guides and Updating Services were originally developed in 1982 by Ernest Galdi, a former director of the U.S. Government Office of the Federal Register. With nearly 30 years experience publishing regulations and related materials, Mr. Galdi was keenly aware of the need to provide, in a single publication, access to specialized information appearing in the Federal Register over a number of years.

The Fed-Track Guides are designed to provide the user with all the pertinent references necessary to follow or research an antidumping, or countervailing duty order, or unfair trade investigation. The Guides cover actions of the Department of the Treasury (Bureau of Customs), International Trade Administration (ITA, Department of Commerce), and the U.S. Tariff Commission, now the U.S. International Trade Commission. For easy access to additional information, each case history entry includes the Federal Register volume number, page number, and issue date. Dates in the lower left-hand corners of pages indicate the last month in which a change occurred. Absence of dates usually indicates that no change occurred to a case history since this information was issued. Monthly updates provide current index and case history pages. Updated information is available at beginning of each month ready for use.

Formerly available in looseleaf format, subscribers to the Fed-Track Guides are now able to access all historical information included in the guides online.